Seclog - #55


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Seclog - #55

Intuition is the supra-logic that cuts out all the routine processes of thought and leaps straight from the problem to the answer. — Robert Graves

📰 SecLinks

  • The Privacy Sandbox: Technology for a More Private Web. Read More

  • Chromium Money Tree Browser: Understanding the financial ecosystem of browser vulnerabilities. Read More

  • New iPhone Exploit Uses Four Zero-Days: A deep dive into the recent iPhone vulnerabilities. Read More

  • The 2023 Bug Bounty Year in Review: Reflecting on the major bug bounty achievements of the past year. Read More

  • SecurityHub Revisited: Analysis and insights into the current state of SecurityHub. Read More

  • Don't Believe Your Eyes - A WhatsApp Clickjacking Vulnerability: Exploring vulnerabilities in WhatsApp. Read More

  • Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in WebSocket Handling: Analysis of a critical vulnerability in WebSocket. Read More

  • Browser Security Bugs that Aren't - Local Attacks: Understanding the misconceptions in browser security. Read More

  • Amazon Cognito Ratelimit Bypass: A deep dive into the Amazon Cognito Ratelimit Bypass technique. Read More

  • Anatomy Rust Security: Resource Exhaustion (OOM): Exploring Rust security and resource management. Read More

  • Subfinder Unleashed: A comprehensive look at the Subfinder security tool. Read More

  • Automating Managed Identity Token Extraction in Azure Container Registries: Insights into Azure container security. Read More

  • Privacy Pass: Upgrading to the latest protocol version: The evolution of Privacy Pass. Read More

  • The I in LLM stands for intelligence: Analyzing intelligence in large language models. Read More

  • Mandiant’s Account Hacked to Push Cryptocurrency Scam: Coverage of a high-profile security breach. Read More

  • Understanding Container Security: A comprehensive guide to containerized architecture security. Read More

  • JavaScript Analysis for Pentesters: A resource for pentesters working with JavaScript. Read More

🎥 SecVideo

  • AI Application Security: Understanding Prompt Injection Attacks and Mitigations. Watch Here

💻 SecGit

  • Internal All The Things: A comprehensive resource for understanding internal security mechanisms. Explore on GitHub

  • bensadeh/tailspin: Innovative approaches to cybersecurity challenges. Explore on GitHub

  • 0x4D31/galah: A tool for advanced cybersecurity analysis. Explore on GitHub

  • A-poc/RedTeam-Tools: A collection of tools for red team operations. Explore on GitHub

  • c0ny1/HTTPHeadModifer: A tool for modifying HTTP headers for security testing. Explore on GitHub