Seclog - #59


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Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. โ€” Eleanor Roosevelt

๐Ÿ“ฐ SecLinks

  • How to Build a Password Cracker - An in-depth guide on creating a password cracker from scratch. Read More

  • Protecting Evilginx with Cloudflare and HTML Obfuscation - Strategies for securing Evilginx against threats using Cloudflare. Read More

  • Defense-in-Depth Security for AI with OWASP Top 10 - Implementing comprehensive security measures for AI applications. Read More

  • SSRF Vulnerability in Webhook Functionality - Analysis of a server-side request forgery issue reported on HackerOne. Read More

  • RF Locks Hacking: Flipper-Zero Edition - A practical approach to hacking RF locks using Flipper-Zero. Read More

  • SIM-Swapping and Hacker Groups Investigation - Insights into a major SIM-swapping case and its impact. Read More

  • Hacking with Hard-Coded Secrets: A Hollywood Tale - The realities of hacking methods often dramatized in movies. Read More

  • AI in Scaling Security Operations - How AI is revolutionizing security from detection to resolution. Read More

  • Opera Browser Zero-Day RCE Vulnerability Analysis - Detailed exploration of a critical vulnerability in Opera Browser. Read More

  • New Attack Surface in JNDI Injection - CVE-2024-20931 - Analysis of a novel JNDI injection attack vector. Read More

  • Exploiting Password Reset Tokens - Techniques to manipulate and exploit password reset tokens. Read More

  • Clipboard Vulnerabilities in Microsoft and Meta Products - Investigating clipboard-related vulnerabilities in popular software. Read More

  • David Kahn's Contributions to Security - Bruce Schneier's perspective on David Kahn's work. Read More

๐ŸŽฅ SecVideo

  • Breaking Bitlocker: Windows Disk Encryption Bypass - A detailed video on methods to bypass Windows Bitlocker encryption. Watch Here

๐Ÿ’ป SecGit

  • Faction: Pen Test Report and Collaboration Tool - A tool for generating penetration testing reports and facilitating team collaboration. Explore on GitHub

  • CVE-2023-35636: Outlook Information Disclosure Exploit - Proof of concept for an information disclosure vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook. Explore on GitHub