Seclog - #73


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๐Ÿ“š SecMisc

  • Introduction | TunnelVision - An insightful dive into the world of cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Read More

  • Introducing SecureDrop Protocol - Learn about the new SecureDrop protocol for secure communications. Read More

  • BleedingTooth: Linux Bluetooth Zero-Click Remote Code Execution - Detailed analysis and proof of concept for BleedingTooth vulnerability. Read More

  • CVE-2024-3661: TunnelVision - How Attackers Can Decloak Routing-Based VPNs For a Total VPN Leak - A detailed look at how routing-based VPNs can be compromised. Read More

  • exploited for $1.27 million - A critical look at the exploit that led to a significant financial loss. Read More

  • Introducing Cloudflare for Unified Risk Posture - Explore Cloudflare's new tool for improving risk management. Read More

  • Multiple vulnerabilities in RIOT OS - Comprehensive details on vulnerabilities found in RIOT OS. Read More

  • AWS CloudQuarry: Digging for Secrets in Public AMIs - Investigating the hidden dangers in public Amazon Machine Images. Read More

  • New Attack Against Self-Driving Car AI - Discussing a novel attack vector against autonomous vehicle AI systems. Read More

  • On Hack Club - Insights and reflections on the Hack Club community. Read More

  • Relative Path File Injection: The Next Evolution in RPO - A deep dive into Relative Path Overwrite (RPO) techniques and their implications. Read More

  • Techniques Learned from the XZ Backdoor - Analyzing the techniques used in the XZ backdoor incident. Read More

๐Ÿ’ป SecGit

  • boostsecurityio/poutine - A repository dedicated to the poutine security project by Boost Security. Explore on GitHub

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