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Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. — Mother Teresa

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  • Security Alert: CVE-2024-4577 - PHP CGI Argument Injection Vulnerability - A security alert regarding a PHP CGI argument injection vulnerability. Read More

  • No Way, PHP Strikes Again! (CVE-2024-4577) - An article discussing the impact of CVE-2024-4577. Read More

  • How AI is Helping Cybersecurity Scale | by James Chiappetta | Jun, 2024 | better appsec - An exploration of how AI is aiding in the scalability of cybersecurity. Read More

  • Fuzzing Frameworks for Server-side Web Applications: A Survey - A survey on fuzzing frameworks for server-side web applications. Read More

  • CVE-2024-27822: macOS PackageKit Privilege Escalation | Mykola’s blog - Details about a macOS PackageKit privilege escalation vulnerability. Read More

  • Debian's /tmpest in a teapot [] - An article about Debian's /tmpest in a teapot. Read More

  • [EN] Unsecure time-based secret and Sandwich Attack - Analysis of my research and release of the “Reset Tolkien” tool - An analysis of research and release of the "Reset Tolkien" tool. Read More

  • Hacking Millions of Modems (and Investigating Who Hacked My Modem) - An article about hacking millions of modems. Read More

  • New zine: How Git Works! - A zine explaining how Git works. Read More

  • Blockchain developer loses over $48,000 after posting private key to Github - A story about a blockchain developer losing over $48,000. Read More

  • Molding lies into reality || Exploiting CVE-2024-4358 - An article about exploiting CVE-2024-4358. Read More

  • iOS 16.5.1 safari RCE Analysis (CVE-2023–37450) - An analysis of iOS 16.5.1 safari RCE (CVE-2023–37450). Read More

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