Seclog - #81


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πŸ“š SecMisc

  • B&B Shuffle by Richard Phung/P3hndrx - An engaging and educational card game for security professionals to simulate real-world cybersecurity incidents. - Read More

  • Willy Firmware | Home - A resourceful platform dedicated to firmware development and security research. - Read More

  • regreSSHion: RCE in OpenSSH's server, on glibc-based Linux systems (CVE-2024-6387) - Detailed analysis of the critical vulnerability CVE-2024-6387 in OpenSSH. - Read More

  • regreSSHion: Uncovering CVE-2024-6387 in OpenSSH - A Critical Vulnerability | Splunk - Insights into the discovery and implications of the critical vulnerability in OpenSSH. - Read More

  • Do a firmware update for your AirPods – now – Jonas’ Blog - Important advice on updating the firmware of your AirPods to avoid security risks. - Read More

  • Cloudflare incident on June 27, 2024 - A detailed report on the Cloudflare incident and its implications. - Read More

  • Bypass CSP Using WordPress By Abusing Same Origin Method Execution – Blog - Exploring advanced techniques to bypass CSP using WordPress. - Read More

  • SaaS security best practices - A comprehensive guide on best practices for SaaS security. - Read More

  • wcurl is here - Introduction to wcurl, a new tool for web-based interactions. - Read More

  • (the software crisis) - An in-depth discussion on the ongoing software crisis and its implications. - Read More

πŸ’» SecGit

  • WerWolv/ImHex - A Hex Editor for reverse engineers, programmers, and those who value their retinas when working late at night. - Explore on GitHub

  • DosX-dev/obfus.h - Macro-header for compile-time C obfuscation (tcc, win x86/x64). - Explore on GitHub

  • carlospolop/aws_iam_review - A tool to review AWS IAM permissions and identify potential security risks. - Explore on GitHub

  • bytedance/vArmor - vArmor is a cloud-native container sandbox system based on AppArmor/BPF/Seccomp, including multiple built-in protection rules ready to use out of the box. - Explore on GitHub

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