Seclog - #57


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Seclog - #57

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A short saying often contains much wisdom. โ€” Sophocles

๐Ÿ’ป SecMisc

  1. 2600 News: The Hacker Quarterly Updates Stay updated with the latest in hacker culture and cybersecurity trends with 2600 News. This platform provides insightful articles, news, and discussions, crucial for anyone interested in the evolving landscape of information security. Explore 2600 News

  2. Security Creators: Video Content for Cybersecurity Enthusiasts Security Creators offers a curated selection of video content focused on cybersecurity. It's an excellent resource for visual learners seeking to understand complex security concepts, stay informed about industry trends, or simply explore fascinating cybersecurity topics. Visit Security Creators

๐Ÿ“ฐ SecLinks

  1. 30 New Semgrep Rules: Enhancing Code Security Trail of Bits releases new rules for Ansible, Java, Kotlin, and shell scripts, advancing security in software development. Read More

  2. Insurance Company Hack: Toyota/Eicher Motors Exploited Eaton Works exposes vulnerabilities in an insurance company's premium calculator, highlighting security loopholes. Read More

  3. LeftoverLocals: Eavesdropping on LLM via GPU Memory Leaks Trail of Bits unveils a method to intercept LLM responses through GPU memory leaks, underscoring hardware security issues. Read More

  4. Google Account Compromise through OAuth2 Flaws CloudSEK discusses malware exploiting undocumented OAuth2 functionality, leading to session hijacking in Google accounts. Read More

  5. Bypassing AWS Cognito User Enumeration Controls Techniques to circumvent user enumeration controls in Amazon Cognito, shedding light on cloud security vulnerabilities. Read More

  6. Ivanti Pulse Connect Secure: Auth Bypass & RCE Exploitation Assetnote's investigation into Ivanti's Pulse Connect Secure reveals critical authentication and remote code execution vulnerabilities. Read More

  7. Strategies for Fuzzing and Bypassing AWS WAF Sysdig explores methods to test and bypass Amazon Web Services' Web Application Firewall, emphasizing the need for robust security measures. Read More

  8. libX11 Vulnerabilities: CVE-2023-43786 & CVE-2023-43787 JFrog's in-depth analysis of critical vulnerabilities in libX11, essential for X Window System application developers. Read More

  9. Remote Callback Techniques in Cybersecurity Lance B. Cain from SpecterOps Team presents innovative methods for remote callbacks in cybersecurity operations. Read More

  10. Analyzing Obfuscated JavaScript in Signed Requests Buer Haus provides insights into reversing and analyzing signed request hashes in obfuscated JavaScript. Read More

  11. Exploiting Report Visibility in HackerOne An in-depth analysis of a vulnerability allowing the viewing of private reports with pending email invitations on HackerOne. Read More

  12. SQL Injection in GLPI Dynamic Reports Hakaioffsec Labs details an SQL injection vulnerability in GLPI's dynamic reports, emphasizing database security concerns. Read More

  13. Obsidian's Security Enhancements Post Audit Obsidian announces new security measures and an independent audit report by Cure53, ensuring enhanced data protection. Read More

  14. Exploiting QUIC's Path Validation for Security Breaches's research on exploiting path validation in QUIC protocol, highlighting potential network security risks. Read More

  15. Adversarial Machine Learning: A Comprehensive Guide NIST publishes AI 100-2 E2023, offering a taxonomy and terminology guide for understanding attacks and mitigations in machine learning. Read More

๐ŸŽฅ SecVideo

  • ShmooCon 2024: A Must-Watch Cybersecurity Conference Dive into the world of cybersecurity with ShmooCon 2024's comprehensive conference video. This event covers the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in cybersecurity, featuring talks from industry experts. An essential watch for professionals and enthusiasts alike in the field of information security. Watch on YouTube

๐Ÿ”— SecGit

  1. EvilSlackbot: A New Twist in Workspace Automation Drew Sec introduces EvilSlackbot, a tool that leverages Slack for cybersecurity testing and operations, showcasing the dual-use nature of workplace automation tools. Read More

  2. danluu's Post-Mortems: Lessons from Failures A valuable GitHub repository by Dan Luu, featuring an extensive collection of post-mortem reports across various tech industries, providing crucial insights into system failures and operational learnings. Explore More

  3. BishopFox's BIG-IP Scanner: Network Security Tool BishopFox releases bigip-scanner, a specialized tool designed for scanning and identifying vulnerabilities in F5 BIG-IP devices, highlighting the importance of network security in an increasingly connected world. Check It Out

  4. CyberRoute's ScanMe: Open-Source Vulnerability Scanner CyberRoute introduces ScanMe, an open-source tool aimed at simplifying vulnerability scanning for security professionals and enthusiasts, demonstrating the growing accessibility of cybersecurity tools. Discover More