Seclog - #61


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๐Ÿ“Š SecMisc

  • CVE Discussions in the Fediverse - Engage with the most current and actively discussed CVEs within the Fediverse community. Read More

๐Ÿ“ฐ SecLinks

  • LLM Agents can Autonomously Hack Websites - An in-depth analysis of how autonomous LLM agents can potentially exploit web vulnerabilities. Read More

  • New Attack Vectors via EKS Updates - Discover the latest security risks emerging from recent updates to Amazon's EKS service. Read More

  • The Story of SSH Port 22 - A fascinating look into why port 22 became the standard for SSH communications. Read More

  • Mastering Fuzzing - Trail of Bits introduces a new handbook chapter dedicated to the art of fuzz testing. Read More

  • Linux Kernel CVE Process - An insightful PATCH documentation discussing the CVE process for the Linux Kernel. Read More

  • AI in Cyber Defense - Google's new initiative to bolster security infrastructure using AI technologies. Read More

  • Kubernetes Security Fundamentals - Explore the essential aspects of Kubernetes authentication for enhanced security. Read More

  • Prompt Injection Training Resources - A Hugging Face dataset for understanding and mitigating prompt injection threats. Read More

  • SmuggleFuzz: HTTP Downgrade Attacks - Investigating the dynamics of HTTP downgrade attacks through fuzzing techniques. Read More

  • Java Nested Dependencies Identification - Amazon Inspector SBOM Generator's approach to identifying Java nested dependencies. Read More

  • Docker Security: Step-by-Step Hardening - A comprehensive guide to hardening Docker platforms for improved security. Read More

๐Ÿ“Š CVE Crowd

  • CVE Discussions in the Fediverse - Tracking and discussing the most current CVEs within the Fediverse community. Read More

๐Ÿฆ SecTweet

  • Akamai's Insights on CVE-2024-22024 - Akamai reports significant scanning activity for a recent vulnerability. Read More

  • Sam Curry's Vercel Bypass Discovery - A tale of how two researchers bypassed Vercel's build protections. Read More

๐Ÿ’ป SecGit

  • mindns: Minimal DNS Server in Rust - A minimalistic DNS server with a rule system and logging, built in Rust. Explore on GitHub

  • Awesome GraphQL Security - A curated list of frameworks, libraries, and resources for GraphQL security. Explore on GitHub

  • Simulator: Kubernetes Security Training - A platform focusing on training and mitigating Kubernetes security issues. Explore on GitHub

  • Magika: File Content Type Detection - Google's approach to detecting file content types using deep learning. Explore on GitHub

  • Nrich: Shodan's Public GitLab Repo - A GitLab repository by Shodan for cybersecurity research. Explore on GitLab

  • Azure Service Subdomain Enumeration - Tools and techniques for enumerating Azure service subdomains. Explore on GitHub

  • **Sysdig Wafer