Seclog - #64


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Seclog - #64

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The spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel, are the things that endure. These qualities are so much more important than the events that occur. โ€” Vince Lombardi

๐Ÿ“š SecMisc

  • Not by AI - A resource for understanding the nuances and advances in artificial intelligence. Read More

๐Ÿ“ฐ SecLinks

  • Relishing new Fickling features for securing ML systems - Trail of Bits Blog discusses the latest enhancements in Fickling for better security of ML systems. Read More

  • NIST 800-207A: Implementing Zero Trust Architecture - InfoQ presents a comprehensive guide on implementing Zero Trust Architecture as per NIST 800-207A. Read More

  • pgAdmin Path Traversal in Session Handling - Shielder reveals a critical path traversal vulnerability in pgAdmin. Read More

  • LLM Prompt Injection Worm - Schneier on Security examines the emergence of the LLM Prompt Injection Worm. Read More

  • Securing Cloudflare with Cloudflare: A Zero Trust Journey - Cloudflare's own journey implementing Zero Trust within its systems. Read More

  • Cloudflare Announces Firewall for AI - Introduction of a new Firewall specifically designed for AI by Cloudflare. Read More

  • Conditional Prompt Injection Attacks with Microsoft Copilot - Embrace The Red explores the vulnerabilities in Microsoft Copilot through conditional prompt injection attacks. Read More

  • Leaking NTLM Credentials Through Windows Themes - Akamai's research on how Windows themes can be exploited to leak NTLM credentials. Read More

  • Kaspersky Spam and Phishing Report for 2023 - An analysis of the spam and phishing trends in 2023 by Kaspersky. Read More

  • New Malicious PyPI Packages used by Lazarus - JPCERT/CC discusses Lazarus's use of malicious PyPI packages. Read More

  • Source Code Disclosure in ASP.NET apps - PT SWARM highlights the risks of source code disclosure in ASP.NET applications. Read More

  • Detecting Phishing Sites Using ChatGPT - A study on leveraging ChatGPT for identifying phishing websites. Read More

  • SolarWinds Security Event Manager AMF deserialization RCE - Analysis of a remote code execution vulnerability in SolarWinds Security Event Manager. Read More

๐ŸŽฅ SecVideo

  • I Made Malware In Under 20 Minutes - A YouTube tutorial demonstrating the creation of malware in a short span of time. Watch Here

๐Ÿ’ป SecGit

  • Knox: Secret Management Service by Pinterest - Knox, developed by Pinterest, offers a secure way to manage secrets. Explore on GitHub

  • SploitScan: Cybersecurity Utility - SploitScan, a comprehensive tool for vulnerability assessment and PoC exploits. Explore on GitHub

  • AI-Exploits: Real World AI/ML Exploits Collection - A collection of real-world AI and ML exploits for responsibly disclosed vulnerabilities. Explore on GitHub

  • DOT: The Deepfake Offensive Toolkit - Sensity AI's toolkit for creating and understanding deepfakes. Explore on GitHub

  • GSocket: Firewall Bypass Tool - A tool designed to securely connect through firewalls. Explore on GitHub

  • OpenGFW: Open Source GFW Implementation - OpenGFW provides a flexible and easy-to-use implementation of the Great Firewall of China on Linux. Explore on GitHub