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  • OpenSecurityTraining2 - A platform offering free security training courses.

  • - An educational platform for learning cybersecurity through hands-on challenges.

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  • Kali Linux on X - "The xz package, starting from version 5.6.0 to 5.6.1, was found to contain a backdoor. The impact of this vulnerability affected Kali between March 26th to March 29th. If you updated your Kali installation on or after March 26th, it is crucial to apply the latest updates today."

  • thaddeus e. grugq on X - "On the .xz backdoor. It is hard to see how the developer Jia Tan is innocent. The backdoor was added in 5.6.0 by his account. He contacted Fedora to push them to move to 5.6.0. There was a problem with valgrind, they worked with hi to resolve it. He commits the fix in 5.6.1."

  • Kei0x on X - "this was my world sim. i miss u friend"

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